The Talent Acquisition Association of Georgia (TAAG) logo is a symbol of our commitment to excellence in the realm of talent acquisition and recruitment. It represents our dedication, values, and the high standards we uphold in the industry. As such, the use of the TAAG logo is subject to specific guidelines to maintain its integrity and value.

The TAAG logo is the exclusive property of the Talent Acquisition Association of Georgia. Any unauthorised use, reproduction, distribution, or modification of the logo without explicit permission from TAAG is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, using the logo for promotional materials, merchandise, digital platforms, or any other medium without prior consent.

Organisations or individuals wishing to use the TAAG logo for legitimate purposes, such as partnerships, collaborations, or event sponsorships, must seek written approval from TAAG’s governing body. Upon approval, users must adhere to the provided guidelines, ensuring that the logo’s colours, dimensions, and overall design remain unaltered. It’s essential to maintain the logo’s integrity, ensuring it remains a true representation of TAAG’s values and mission.

Furthermore, the TAAG logo should never be used in a manner that suggests an endorsement or affiliation with products, services, or organisations unless a formal partnership exists. It should not be used in any context that might bring disrepute to TAAG or mislead the public regarding its objectives and functions.

In instances where the logo is used digitally, such as on websites or social media platforms, it should always be linked back to the official TAAG website, ensuring that viewers can access accurate and up-to-date information about the association.
TAAG reserves the right to request the removal or modification of its logo from any material or platform if it believes the usage is inappropriate or could harm the association’s reputation. Legal action may be taken against entities that misuse the logo or violate the terms of its usage.

In conclusion, the TAAG logo is more than just a design, it’s a representation of our association’s ethos, values, and commitment to the talent acquisition community in Georgia. We urge all members, partners, and the general public to respect its significance and adhere to the guidelines set forth in this disclaimer.