Companies Prioritize Strategic Talent Acquisition in 2023

HR professionals around the world have noticed an uptick in the value they place on strategically acquiring new employees. According to studies conducted in 2022, businesses that invested in bettering their recruitment procedures saw a rise in employee retention of 14% and productivity of 9%. Based on these numbers, there has been an uptick in the focus of businesses on attracting and retaining their most talented workers.

A major shift in how businesses find and hire new employees is the adoption of a more all-encompassing strategy. Companies aren’t just looking at a candidate’s resume anymore; they’re also evaluating their cultural fit and their potential for advancement within the company. Additionally, data and analytics are becoming increasingly significant in the hiring process.

LinkedIn found that businesses that invested in their employees through various means enjoyed greater rates of innovation and performance.

Businesses that put resources into finding and keeping talented employees build teams that are more likely to succeed. Staying abreast of this strategic approach to recruitment and thinking about how to incorporate it into your company’s HR strategy is an absolute must if you are an HR professional or thought leader.